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Ecological Garden Care And Design, From Concept To Creation

At Nectar Gardens, we work with local communities, private residents and commercial clients to create and maintain beautiful havens of biodiversity in urban and rural spaces. From general garden maintenance to design and build, we take the time to listen to our client’s needs.

We specialise in gardening for wildlife, as there is mounting evidence to demonstrate that people are healthier when we are connected to nature. By creating attractive, urban gardens that encourages the bees, birds, and butterflies, people experience improved mental and physical wellbeing while providing a much-needed habitat for wildlife.

We are based in Guildford and serve South West London and Surrey, and our aim is to improve the wellbeing of people as well as the environment.

The Design Process

Building a garden is like going on a journey.  We will walk you through the whole process from inception to completion

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The Planting Plans

It is important that we use the right plant for the right place, and we have a particular interest in plants for beneficial wildlife.

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Garden Maintenance

Whether you’re hoping to transform your garden into a beautiful space for outdoor socialising, or you can no longer get out and work in your garden as much as you’d like to, Nectar Gardens are here to help.

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Why Choose Us

We are a qualified team of horticulturists with a passion for plants and gardens. Our extensive knowledge allows us to go above and beyond to ensure your garden is, aesthetically, how you want it to look, but also healthy and able to thrive.

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Hi, I’m Trish

I am a Horticulturist and Garden Designer with a degree in Environmental Science and Ecology, all of which stems from my passion for the natural world.

I spent my formative years in East and West Africa, running around barefoot, ill-advisedly poking sticks into termite mounds, climbing trees, and venturing out at night with my Dad to watch the hyenas come down from the mountains. I made it to adulthood relatively unscathed and with a relentless sense for adventure.

I recently graduated from the prestigious KLC School of Design with a Diploma in Garden Design. I have worked on show gardens at Hampton Court and Chelsea and designed and built several residential gardens for clients in and around London. 

I founded Nectar Gardens as a garden maintenance company, operating in the South West, London and Surrey back in 2014, after completing my RHS Diploma in Horticulture. We offer a full range of garden services and avoid using chemicals in favour of more benign pest controls. 

Some Of Our Projects

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We cover Guildford and the surrounding towns.

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