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Scope of work

Design and landscaping

Transforming a Garden into a Wildlife Haven


Seven years ago, we embarked on a heart-warming project. Our client, mourning the loss of his nature-loving wife, desired to transform his mossy lawn into a bold and impressive garden. This was to be a living tribute to her passion for conservation. The challenge was to redesign a garden dominated by a giant Wellingtonia Sequoia, which made the soil dry and reduced light availability.

Design and Implementation:

Our vision was to create a wildlife-friendly garden, honouring our client’s late wife’s love for nature. We removed the entire lawn, replacing it with meandering paths that weave through mixed perennial and shrub island beds. This design not only revitalized the landscape but also encouraged diverse flora and fauna to thrive.

Key features included:

  1. Woodland-Friendly Plant Selection: We selected plants that flourish in woodland conditions, enhancing biodiversity while creating new habitats.
  2. Mandala-Shaped Rockery: A raised rockery, favourite for alpines and succulents, became a secluded haven for solitary bumblebees and field mice.
  3. Water Features: A soothing fountain was installed to mask road noise, and a small pond, teeming with oxygenating plants, attracts birds for bathing.
  4. Bird Feeder: This feature brought an array of birds, including blue tits, coal tits, and occasionally goldfinches, adding vibrancy and life.


Transformation and Benefits:

The garden’s transformation was immediate and dramatic. The influx of bees, birds, and butterflies was a testament to our successful creation of a thriving ecosystem. This transformation wasn’t just physical; it profoundly impacted our client’s mental welbeing. As the garden flourished, so did his spirit.

Ongoing Developments:

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with our adventurous client, now nearly 90, to continually enhance the garden. We’ve added vegetable patches and, this year, plan to introduce a raised bed for cut flowers. Each new feature not only enriches the garden’s biodiversity but also brings immense joy and purpose to our client.


This wildlife garden is more than a collection of plants and pathways. It’s a sanctuary for nature, a living memory of a loved one, and a source of daily inspiration and joy for our client. It stands as a beautiful example of how gardens can be both a tribute and a source of continual renewal and happiness.





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